Top 10 Custom, Drag and Drop Page Builder WordPress Themes

We have created a list of best, top 10 custom, drag and drop page builder WordPress themes. By using these WordPress theme you can create a unique WordPress site without coding. These WordPress themes comes with various types of tools to customize your website like content builders, custom layout builders, color selector tool, template makers, visual composers, shortcode generators, design editors, backend and front editors.

Advantages of drag and drop page builder WordPress themes:

  1. Customize your website without coding: The primary advantage of drag and drop page builder WordPress themes is that you can edit your website without touching a single line of code. You can customize your site by using the drag and drop page builder tool which comes with these WordPress themes.
  2. Create unique responsive websites: By using these WordPress themes you can create responsive sites which will work on all types of devices like desktops, laptops, cell phones and tablets.
  3. Create custom layouts: You can create any type of layout like full width layout, layouts with 2 columns, layouts with 3 columns, etc. You can also select a pre-designed layout for your site like layout with no sidebar, layout with left sidebar and  layout with right sidebar. You can display or hide the header and footer for the layout as per your requirements.
  4. Color selector tool: You can select any color for your website and for different elements like, header, footer, title, body, text, links, sidebars, widgets, etc. by using the color selector tool.
  5. Add custom background images: You can upload and add any image as your website background. You can select the size of the image as thumbnail, small, medium, large, full size, square, featured, entry with sidebar, entry without sidebar, image for portfolio, rectangle, image for gallery size, etc. as per your requirements. These WordPress themes also support parallax backgrounds.
  6. Align images: You can align images to the center, left side, right side, top left, top center, top right, bottom left, bottom center, bottom right, center left, center center, center right and any other custom alignment. You can set up the image to repeat, tile horizontal, tile vertical and stretch to fit.
  7. Add effects for images: You can add any effect for the uploaded images to be displayed on your web page including fade effects, shadow, effects, etc. You can set up background attachment as scroll or fixed. You can select the padding of images as small padding, no padding, default padding or large padding.
  8. Add multimedia content: You have the option to add multi media content like images, videos, gallery, full width slider and advanced layer slider. You have the option to edit the size of the multi media content element like medium, large, square, featured, portfolio small, portfolio regular, gallery size, etc. You have the option top select the slide show transition effect like slide or fade. You can enable or disable the auto rotation for the slide and select the slide show auto duration.
  9. Add any type of content elements: You have the option to add any type of content elements to your page like contact forms, promo box, accordions, tabs, notification, buttons, icon box, blog posts, tables, portfolio grids, team members, progress bars, icon lists, special heading, horizontal ruler, text blocks, widgets, call to action buttons, charts, grids, Google maps, post sliders, testimonials and sidebars. You can set up these content elements as per your needs including adding content, changing styles, padding, margins, borders, colors, etc.
  10. Live preview of your customized site: At any time during your website editing process you can view the live preview of your edits.
  11. Compatible with all the major WordPress plugins: Drag and drop page builder WordPress themes are compatible with all the popular WordPress plugins.
  12. Translation support: You can create websites in any language as per your requirements.
  13. SEO optimized and fast loading: Drag and drop page builder WordPress themes are SEO friendly and fast loading. Your website will always rank best in search engines.

Now we have learned the advantages of drag and drop page builder WordPress themes, lets take a look at the list of top 10 custom, drag and drop page builder WordPress themes.

1) Enfold WordPress Theme: Enfold is a responsive WordPress custom theme which comes with 11 types of home page layouts.

Enfold WordPress Theme

2) Jupiter WordPress Theme: Jupiter theme is a responsive and retina ready WordPress drag and drop page builder theme which comes with 7 types of homepage variations. 

Jupiter WordPress Theme

3) The7 WordPress Theme: The7 theme is a responsive WordPress visual composer WordPress theme which comes with 8 types of homepage layouts. 

The7 WordPress Theme

4) Karma WordPress Theme: Karma theme is a responsive WordPress advanced design options theme which comes with 6 types of sliders. 

Karma WordPress Theme

5) KALLYAS WordPress Theme: KALLYAS theme is a responsive and retina ready WordPress visual website builder theme which comes with 15 type of homepage layouts.

KALLYAS WordPress Theme

6) Impreza WordPress Theme: Impreza theme is a responsive and retina ready WordPress visual builder WordPress theme which comes with 4 types of homepage variations.

Impreza WordPress Theme

7) Total WordPress Theme: Total theme is a responsive WordPress visual composer compatible WordPress theme which 30 types of homepage layouts.


Total WordPress Theme

8) Modernize WordPress Theme: Modernize theme is a responsive WordPress custom theme which comes with  6 types of homepage variations.

Modernize WordPress Theme

9) SimpleMag WordPress Theme: SimpleMag theme responsive WordPress drag and drop page composer WordPress theme which comes with 8 types of homepage layouts.

SimpleMag WordPress Theme

10) Oshine WordPress Theme: Oshine theme is a responsive WordPress page builder theme which comes with 3 type of homepage variations.

Oshine WordPress Theme

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