List Of Best Paying In-Text Advertising PPC Ad Networks

In-Text advertising has many advantages. If you have a blog or a website which has considerable text content, then in-text advertising publisher solutions will definitely work for you. There are many ad networks out there, but they have a habit of disappearing within some months or years. Below given list is a list of In-Text advertising PPC ad networks which have been in business for years:

1) Infolinks: Infolinks has become a numero uno ad network when it comes to In-Text advertising. Everything is easy to do in their network. Whether you want to add websites, generate ad codes, generate reports or getting payments. The best part is that you can control the number of links you want to show in a single page. You can even disable in-text ads in a specific region of your blog. Also, there is no minimum requirements for adding your site or blog in Infolinks. Even if your blog is new it’s fine, it will be approved in their network. You just have to make sure that your site has enough text in it. You need to accumulate at-least $50 for getting paid. After you have generated $50 in your account, you will be paid after 45 days. Payment methods include PayPal, eCheck/local bank transfer, wire transfer, and Payoneer prepaid debit card. Apart from regular In-text ads, you can also add InSearch ads widget to display sponsored results, InFrame ads for increasing revenue, and InTag ads in your blog, for increasing your earnings.

2) Chitika Linx: Chitika Linx is a new in-text product from Chitika. At this time, there’s not too much options to control in-text links as there are in Infolinks. However, Chitika has been a promising ad network for years. I am sure in future they will have different sets of options for modifying the in-text links.

3) Kontera: Kontera calls it’s in-text ad program as INTENTclick which specifically targets SEO driven content. The technology used by Kontera in INTENTclick is known as the Synapse which predicts intent by understanding the deep meaning of pages, and understand how web users interact with page, the various phrases on it, and how consumers are responding to similar pages across the web. Unique to the platform is the ability to dynamically determine which phrases perform best within specific topics to dynamically alter and try various key-phrase combinations. Kontera Synapse is able to detect the shifting consumer sentiments across the web and to dynamically target to the shifting interests of the “crowd”. INTENTClick works better for sites whose content predominantly covers “Save Money” or “Better Income” topics. The sites should have a high ratio of SEO traffic, and at least 1,000 monthly unique visitors to qualify for the program. Kontera’s minimum payout is $50. Payment options are PayPal, wire and check.

4) Vibrant media: There are many bloggers out there using this ad network. I haven’t used this personally but as I was reading their FAQs, it clearly suggests that they do have a minimum site requirement for getting approved.

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