List Of Best, Free Blog Analytics And Statistics Tools

Blog analytics tools, statistics tools and visitor counters provide in-depth and real-time information about the visitors of your blog. This post is about list of best, free and open source web analytics tools, statistics tools and visitor counters for your blog:

1) Google Analytics: Google Anayltics is undoubtedly the most powerful analytics and statistics tool for your blog. By using Google Analytics you will get in-depth statistics about the visitors of you blog. Important features includes advanced segments, annotations, custom reports, dashboards, real-time reporting for your site, audience data and reporting, browser and operating system information, custom dimensions, flow visualizations, map overlay, mobile traffic info, reports based on social visits, traffic sources information, API, filters, user permissions, local analytics, goals, sales and conversions, alerts, event tracking, and site speed.

2) Stat Counter: Stat Counter is a free tool for analyzing visitors of your blog. You can add Stat counter to any type of blog platform. You can get analyze you visitors based on log size, add invisible counter to you blog, configure you counter, magnify user, get drill down reports, find popular pages, discover entry and exit pages, find from where your visitors came from, perform keyword analysis, find recent keyword activity, find from which search engine your visitors are coming, locate visitor path, find visit duration, information about returning visits, find recent page load activity, find recent visitor activity, stats based on country, state, and city, locate recent visitors in Google Maps, ISP statistics of your visitors, browser statistics, operating system statistics, resolution statistics, JavaScript statistics, generate email reports, multiple site management, user access management, public statistics, and blocking cookie analysis.

3) AWStats: AWStats is a free tool for finding number of visits, unique visitors, visits duration, last visits, authenticated visits, entry and exit pages, compression statistics, operating system information, browsers used by your visitors, robots visits, finding visits based on search engines, HTTP errors, generating custom reports, and for finding other in-depth information about the visitors of your site.

4) Site Meter: Basic service of Site Meter is free. However, if you wish to get in-depth information you need to buy a premium service.

5) Performancing Metrics: Performancing Metrics is a free statistics tool for your blog. You can get visitor details, generate reports, get real-time reporting, API, link tracking, IP tagging, and other analytics for your blog.

6) One stat free: One stat free is a free analytics tool and a hit counter. It can be used for monitoring and tracking blog visitors, for logging page views and visitor details, finding most visited pages, finding visitors based on location, referring sites and competitor analysis. You can also enable sending of traffic reports by email.

7) GoStats: GoStats is a free analytics and website counter for blogs and sites.

8) Web counters: Web counters is a free counter for your blog. You can generate your counter without registration.

9) Histats: Histats is a free analytics tool for blogs. Features includes real time visitor tracking, custom event tracking, visitors information based on location, and different counter styles.

10) Firestats: Firestats is a free statistics tool for non-commercial sites.

11) Clicky: Clicky is a free real-time web analytics tool for blogs.

12) Shiny Stat: Shiny Stat provides a free service for basic web analytics. For advanced statistics, you need to buy a pro version.

13) Extreme Tracking: Extreme Tracking provides a free tracker for tracking website analytics. For advanced analytics, you need to buy a pro version.

14) W3 counter: W3 counter is a free real-time web analytics and statistics tool for blogs and sites. You can also share your statistics and display a counter in your blog.

15) Add Free Stats: Add Free Stats provide free website traffic analysis. They also provide a free WordPress plugin.

16) Piwik: Piwik is an open source web analytics tool available in 48 languages.

17) Trace Watch: Trace Watch is a free real-time web statistics and analytics tool. It can be used in any website which uses PHP and MySQL.

18) Going up: Going up provides free seo analysis, seo optimization, and live web statistics tools for blogs.

19) Link Track: Link Track provides link tracking information It is great for tracking ad links.

20) Jaw stats: Jaw stats is a free web analytics and statistics tool.

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