4 Tips For Equipping Your Office To Increase Productivity

4 Tips For Equipping Your Office To Increase Productivity

The modern, hectic business environment often makes employees lose track of their goals and experience a decrease in performance and productivity. The sheer amount of work combined with the constant need to strive for more and achieve better results can take a toll on a person’s psychological well-being, if adequate solutions are not implemented in time.

Productivity depends on a myriad of equally important factors. One of them is office design which is essential for creating a warm and friendly setting that stimulates both productivity and long-term positivity in the workplace. Here are the best tips on how to equip your office for maximum productivity.

1. Clutter is your worst enemy

Before you start introducing concrete changes in your office layout, décor, and features, you first want to deal with the most basic problem that hinders all progress in any workplace – clutter. The hectic business world overburdened with information does not need to be burdened any further with physical or emotional clutter.

The first step towards creating a productive powerhouse is to declutter your office of any unnecessary features and physical elements. After you’ve created a clean and organized working environment, you can also encourage your employees to neatly organize their personal computers as well.

It’s a digital world out there, and even though your employees no longer have to fear getting lost in a sea of physical files and folders, they can easily get lost inside the clutter of their own PCs.

2. Distinguish between work and play

A modern office should be an environment where employees can feel relaxed and encouraged to do the best they can. It is a setting where work and play come together to create a perfect symbiosis of fun and productivity.

However, not all people work in the same way, and what might be a productive environment for some, might be quite the opposite for others. Your office should therefore have two major features: a common area and a silent area. While a common working space is great for people to socialize, discuss projects and come up with innovative ideas, sometimes a person just needs everyone to, well, shut up.

Therefore, you want to provide your office space with a separate, silent area where employees will be able to focus on the task at hand.

Distinguish between work and play

3. Streamline work through modern technology

When everything else fails, turn to technology for salvation. Technology plays one of the key roles in improving workplace productivity to a completely new level and in making sure that all deadlines are met and all tasks achieved in due time.

This is where team management apps become your best friends in maintaining workplace productivity and monitoring the performance of your staff. Productivity apps can block all needless distractions by limiting idle time and restricting needless social media use or any non-work related activities.

Additionally, you want to provide constant guidance and support to your staff through personal input, but more importantly, through connectivity and cross-sector communication. The IT sector needs to be in sync with operations and management, and vice versa, while the entire office should be equipped with powerful Intel desktop computers to promote top performance in the workplace at all times.

Streamline work through modern technology

4. Create a stress-free environment

One of the biggest factors that aid in creating a productive working environment is making sure your office is a stress-free zone – at least, as much as it is possible. While you don’t need to go around the office chanting ancient Hindu mantras or make everyone practice Yoga during their lunch brakes, you should consider how your office design influences the mood and the psychological state of your team.

There are three major elements that make up a positive, stress-free workplace: light, nature, and fresh air. First, you need to let plenty of sunshine penetrate the office by installing tall windows or even skylights, and encourage it to travel further into the room by removing the doors or replacing the traditional ones with French doors.

Secondly, nobody likes working in a grey, stale environment, so you should encourage a friendly relationship with nature by introducing office plants in natural clay pots. The added greenery will do wonders in promoting positivity and productivity.

Lastly, fresh air – you need it, and so do your employees. Make sure your office space is well ventilated and that the air is fresh, devoid of any unpleasant odours from the bathrooms or the kitchen. The constant circulation of fresh air will spark enthusiasm and energy in the workplace, and allow for success and magic to happen. You can also find a therapist near your area by visiting BetterHelp to get help for issues related to stress, anxiety and depression, etc.

The modern business world has transitioned from a fast turnover mindset to nurturing and developing the unique skills and talents of every employee. Your office should strive to bring these talents to life through smart use of interior design and contemporary equipment that will increase productivity and pave the road to long-term success.

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