Do Not Sell Links On Your Blog

No matter what happens do not sell links on your blog. When you sell links and pass page rank vote, search engines will blacklist and may penalize your blog for doing that. You might think that you are playing like a James Bond the search engines will never figure it out. As a matter of fact they will and your blog will go for a toss. All the hard work which you have been putting in the blog will be flushed right out.

Why can’t you sell links?

The answer is when you sell links you are actually tricking the search engine. For a search engine, links are what they use to look out for the authority of a blog. So, if someone buys too many links then they get in to authority without generating any content. That means there could be anything in their site which is irrelevant and still they would rank high because they have plethora of back-links. So, the whole concept of search will be jeopardized and definitely search engines don’t like that at all.

The money and the fatal attraction!

Actually, nobody wants to sell links in the first place. But if you are in blogging for some time then you will receive emails like:

“Hi, I would like to buy a home page link on your blog. I am ready to pay $200 yearly fee. Please contact me if you are interested”.

This is a recent email I got for one of my mid level blogs. Now, the offer is very lucrative as for a short link, 200 bucks seems good to me. However, this is not as easy as it looks. When you place a link like this you would start losing your rankings in search engines. Your blog might get penalized too. You will lose all the indexes in search engines and its literally death for the blog as a blog receives the maximum traffic from search engines. And to make matters worst, the guy who just bought the link will not renew it next year, because there’s nothing left in your blog to advertise. So, it’s like for 200 bucks you killed your blog.

Bottom line: Sometimes you have to drop few advertisers to get more advertisers in near future!

So, what to do when you receive an email like this? Simply ignore it. I know it’s hard but trust me when your blog is all set you would be making that in a week, even more than that.

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