Best WordPress Plugin To Add Diet And Calorie Calculator

Best WordPress Plugin To Add Diet And Calorie Calculator
In this post I will discuss about a WordPress plugin which you can use for adding diet and calorie consumption calculators in your WordPress blog. By using this plugin you can add BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator and counter, BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate) calculator and counter, RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) calculator and counter, Weight required to lose per week calculator, recommended calorie intake calculator, and weeks required for reaching the goals calculator in your blog. These calculators and counters are very useful if you are running a blog which is related to health, diet, exercise, fitness, gym, etc. These type of niche plugins helps in driving more visitors to your blog. Also, they considerably reduce the bounce rate for your blog and increase the time spent by each user on your blog.

Here are the features of this plugin:

1) Calculation of BMI, BMR, and RMR: Your users have to enter their age, height, weight and goal weight to calculate the values of BMI, BMR, and RMR.

2) Weight to lose per week: By using the above given values, plugin suggests the user on how much weight he or she is required to lose per week.

3) Recommended calorie intake: Plugin also recommends calorie intake value for the particular user on a daily basis.

4) Weeks required for reaching the goals: Based on the values, the user is shown how many weeks are required to achieve the goals. This calculation is done based on the goal weight entered by the user.

5) Recommends medical guidance, if required for the users: By using the values entered by the user, plugin raises the red flag and informs the user that medical guidance is required.

6) Imperial units or metric units: A user has the option to enter the values of age, height, weight and goal weight in imperial units or in metric system.

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