Offer Freebies, Free Gifts, Prizes In WooCommerce Store

Offer Freebies, Free Gifts, Prizes In WooCommerce Store
In this post, I will discuss about a WordPress plugin which you can use for offering freebies, free gifts, free prizes, rewards and other free stuffs to your customers in a WooCommerce store. The idea is simple, yet effective. You can offer freebies to a customer who spends more than a pre-defined amount. This encourages your customers to buy more stuff in your online shopping store. You might have seen this strategy in place in many popular shopping portals. When you offer freebies to your customers, it not only increases the sales but also, you can expect more returning customers.

Here are the features of this plugin:

1) Enable minimum spending amount: You can enable minimum spending amount, say $100. So, when someone buys a product worth at-least $100, then, they will receive a free gift. Also, when a customer buys a product worth of, say, $80, then a message will displayed in the check out page like “By spending at-least $100, you will get a free gift after checkout”. You can edit all these settings, default texts and colors of messages as per your requirements.

2) Add multiple gifts: Apart from a regular freebie you can add multiple freebies and your customers can pick any one of them as per their choice.

3) One freebie per customer: You can enable settings such that customers can get a freebie only once or they can avail the freebie multiple times.

4) Allow freebies to logged-in and registered users only: You have the option to enable freebies only to customers who are registered and logged-in your WooCommerce store.

5) Hide free gifts from your store: You have the option to hide the free gifts to be sold as regular products in your WooCommerce shopping store.

6) Option to not award freebies when a coupon is used: You have the option, not to award free gifts when a customer uses a coupon. However, I will not recommend this setting as it is a bit discouraging. It confuses your customers to make a choice between using a coupon or to avail a free gift.

7) Translation support: You can use this plugin in any language as per your choice.

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